Aeromed’s New Ride

Airmen from Ramstein AB, Germany, earlier this month tested the concept of using a civilian Gulfstream III jet to speed aeromedical evacuations from Africa. “Each takeoff and landing places stress on patients, and any delays in a flight could hinder a patient’s care,” said SrA. Gabriela Perez, a technician with Ramstein’s 86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. Since the Learjet C-21s that the squadron currently relies on for low-capacity transfers lack sufficient range to reach Africa, the unit is exploring the feasibility of using Gulfstreams instead, according to Ramstein’s Sept. 10 release. “This is something that has been in the planning phase for more than a year,” explained Lt. Col. Paul Yenter, air evacuation chief in Ramstein’s 603rd Air and Space Operations Center. “Once the waivers to fly on the G3 were complete,” along with the training, unit members just had to “wait for the right patients,” he added. That occurred on Sept. 3, when a team flew a one-day mission to pick up two ambulatory patients from Africa, states the release. (Ramstein report by TSgt. Chad Thompson)