Major Ammo Drop Saves Troops:

The 774th Expeditionary Air Squadron’s C-130 crew dropped nearly 150 tons of food, water, and ammunition to coalition forces fighting in the Sangin Valley of Afghanistan last month. Capt. Michael Meridith reports that was one of the largest series of airdrops in Operation Enduring Freedom. Under ambush and surrounded by some 500 enemy fighters, 50 coalition special operations forces and Afghan national army soldiers had to call for more ammo. The 774th EAS got a C-130 prepared and loaded within 90 minutes. The Hercules aircrew followed a path near the drop zone created by fire from A-10, AC-130, B-1B, and F-15E aircraft, dropping four bundles that ground forces quickly opened to continue fighting. Subsequent reports estimated that ground forces killed more than 250 Taliban insurgents during the 72-hour battle.