Making Air Staff More Total Force?

One of the initiatives being hatched between USAF and ANG would fold reservists more formally into Air Staff directorates, new ANG director, Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley, told the Daily Report. McKinley said that he has broached the matter with current strategic plans and programs directorate chief, Lt. Gen. Stephen Wood. “I chose strategic plans and programs because that’s where all decisions get started and where funding is attached to decisions approved by the Chief,” said McKinley. He added, “If we can fully integrate in that one directorate, … we can get in early in the decision-making process, rather than waiting for an end result to be drawn out for trial.” McKinley said the effort is under way currently and depending on how the experiment works, then he would look at other directorates—in consult with both Air Force and National Guard Bureau top leaders, of course. McKinley believes that a successful integration could trickle down to budgeting and programming for air reserve components and would certainly enhance effectiveness of both ANG’s federal and state missions.