Meanwhile, Averting an End Run?:

According to Colorado Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien, one of the states vying for the new Cyber Command (see above), Nebraska, is trying to entice Air Force Space Command and US Northern Command to move from Colorado to Nebraska. The Denver Post reports that O’Brien told a business luncheon group that the two commands are “being recruited heavily by Nebraska, of all places, to move their headquarters out of Colorado and to Nebraska.” According to the news report, officials at the two commands expressed ignorance of such an effort. However, O’Brien said, “The governor and the lieutenant governor of Nebraska are being very aggressive about promoting their aerospace industry, and the lieutenant governor of Nebraska told me that they actually had met with the generals and said, ‘We’ll if you’re ready to move, this is the place to come.’ ” O’Brien is urging Coloradans to not “rest on our laurels and just assume they want to stay in Colorado Springs.”