And Where They Lost

On the other hand, the governors and state officials suffered some bitter defeats. The panel, for instance, voted to:

—Close Otis ANGB, Mass., and re-locate its 102nd FW F-15s to western Massachusetts. (See update “Otis, From Selection to Resurrection”;DR 09/15/05.)

—Shut down the ANG unit near Hartford, Conn., shift some of its 17 A-10s to western Massachusetts and retire the rest.

—Eliminate the ANG 131st Fighter Wing at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, Mo., and move its F-15s elsewhere.

—Shut down Willow Grove JRB, Pa. and strip the 111th FW of its A-10 attack aircraft, though it left the unit itself intact.

—Close the Air Guard’s 183rd FW, Springfield, Ill., and ship its F-16 fighters to a Fort Wayne, Ind. ANG base.