Yokota Airmen Test C-12 in New Role

A C-12 crew from Yokota AB, Japan, recently completed a mission to test aeromedical evacuation equipment on the platform, said base officials. Four airmen flew to San Angelo, Tex., to recover a C-12 that was test-fitted with aeromedical evacuation equipment that would allow the aircraft to transfer ambulatory patients, according to Yokota’s June 5 release. Currently, the Air Force uses the C-130H and the KC-135 as the primary platforms for aeromedical evacuation in the Pacific region, states the release. Utilizing the C-12 in this role would yield savings for the Air Force, states the release. “If we had two people in Kadena Air Base, [Japan,] who needed to come to the clinic, it doesn’t make sense to use a KC-135 when we can use a C-12,” said crew member Capt. Christina Lee, 374th Operations Group C-12 evaluator pilot. “The savings are the key over the capability.” The next step to using the C-12 in AE roles is to certify the platform for these missions, states the release. (Yokota report by SrA. Michael Washburn)