Yokota Airmen Aid in Disaster Relief Simulation

Airmen from the 374th Airlift Wing at Yokota AB, Japan, recently participated in a simulated humanitarian and disaster relief exercise in Tokyo. The city launched its annual disaster prevention exercise on Aug. 30 and local Japanese governments, prefectures, and local first responders participated in the two-day exercise, according to a Sept. 3 release. “Throughout the weekend, the 374th [AW] demonstrated how our training and readiness can support our friends and neighbors in the wake of a disaster,” said Lt. Col. Andrew Campbell, commander of the 36th Airlift Squadron. US marines from MCAS Futenma also participated in the exercise. Together, the two countries airdropped 40 simulated disaster relief aids, states the release. “Our team looks forward to opportunities to train with our Japanese partners,” said Maj. Destry Hill, assistant director of operations for the 5th Air Force. “We know from experience that in times of crises, it takes good communication to pull off a coordinated response. Exercises like this keep that relationship strong,” he said. “The exercise was very encouraging,” said Norayuki Shiraishi of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. “We hope to deepen our cooperation with the United States military and continue to work closely together.”