WTO Ruling on Boeing Aircraft Subsidies Near

The World Trade Organization is expected to rule next week whether Boeing has received improper US subsidies for its commercial aircraft development. AFP reports that the WTO’s interim findings will be presented to the United States and the European Commission on Sept. 15. Public release of the findings is expected at a later date. This case is the European counterclaim against the US, filed after the US lodged a complaint accusing European governments of unfairly subsidizing Airbus’ large aircraft business. The WTO ruled earlier this year that Airbus did receive improper support. The Europeans have appealed that case. Boeing and Airbus parent organization EADS are offering variants of their respective 767 and A330 commercial aircraft to be the Air Force’s future KC-X tanker platform. So far, the Air Force has kept this trade dispute out of the KC-X competition despite pressure from lawmakers to factor subsidizes.