White House Requests Additional Funding For ISIS Fight, Afghanistan Presence

The White House on Nov. 10 called for an increase in Fiscal 2017 defense funding for military operations against ISIS and to maintain about 8,400 troops in Afghanistan. The amendments to the Fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act request call for a $5.8 billion increase in overseas contingency operations funding, raising the total to $64.6 billion, according to the amendment as released by the White House. The White House is also calling for an increase of $5.8 billion for State Department and USAID funding for counter-ISIS and counterterrorism objectives, including diplomatic engagement, governance, and stabilization, along with strengthening embassy security and humanitarian relief. The amendment also includes $2.5 billion for the Defense Department to maintain about 8,400 troops in Afghanistan through Fiscal 2017. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a statement, said the amendment is based on recommendations from commanders involved in the fight, that “will hasten the defeat of ISIL and make our nation more secure.” The strategy is showing results in Iraq and Syria, and the funding will boost support to partner forces and intelligence efforts.