“White Goods” Sale Begins at Bagram

The Defense Logistics Agency announced the start of the sale of “white goods,” or non-military vehicles, appliances, and other equipment no longer needed at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, due to force level drawdowns. The DLA, the Pentagon’s logistics arm responsible for disposing of excess property from the military, concluded a meeting with a commercial Afghan company at the base to finalize the first sales. The initiative is aimed at providing regional economic stimulus to the Afghan economy as well as defraying costs associated with scrapping equipment, DLA contracting officer Ron Williams said. The first sale, which was made to a local company in Parwan Province, included items such as pneumatic tools, air conditioners, furniture, tractors, water trucks, forklifts, and other machinery. The sale allows DLA to recover more money by selling the items, and will help promote development in Afghanistan by selling to Afghan owned companies, Williams noted. It is the first of several planned sales at various sites across Afghanistan.