AGM-176 Griffin

Griffin is a light, low-cost, multiservice air-launched weapon with GPS-aided inertial guidance and semi-active laser seeker.

The weapon is used for high-precision, low-collateral damage attack against light surface targets.

The AGM-176A forms part of the PSP employed on AFSOC’s AC130W Stinger II and AC-130J Ghostrider gunships. Both aircraft employ the aft-firing weapon from ramp-mounted common-launch tubes. The forward-firing AGB-176B is employable on RPAs.

USAF issued Raytheon a $105.2 million contract modification to supply additional Griffin missiles in 2018. FY21 SOCOM-wide funds support procurement of 226 AGM-176, including data links.

Contractor: Raytheon.
First Flight: Feb. 16, 2000 (USAF).
Delivered: September 2001.
Active Variants: •AGM-176A. Aft-ejecting missile employed as part of the PSP. •AGM-176B. Forward-firing variant optimized for light aircraft/RPAs.
Dimensions: Length 43 in, diameter 5.5 in.
Propulsion: Solid-propellant rocket motor.
Performance: Subsonic, range 12 + miles.
Guidance: GPS/INS/semi-active laser.
Warhead: Blast fragmentation.
Integration: AC-130J (A), AC-130W (A); MQ-9 (B).

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