V-22 Exports

Le Bourget, France—After nearly 30 years of development and production, the V-22 tiltrotor aircraft might soon be available for export, said Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick. Speaking to reporters here Tuesday at the Paris Air Show, Chadwick said Boeing has “held discussions with several international customers” about buying V-22s. “As we add capacity . . . and as we work on cost reductions,” the V-22 could become more attractive, and the US government seems to have no objections, he said. Each of Boeing’s products is working toward “an affordability target,” Chadwick noted, and when the V-22 reaches that point, “there’s a good chance for international sales.” He also thinks the Navy may buy additional V-22s to backfill aging C-2 Greyhounds used for transporting cargo and passengers between aircraft carriers and shore bases.