USAF’s Got Cyber Game

The Air Force’s space and cyber capabilities in combat are so lethal that it’s not safe to practice with them in wargames, said Air Combat Command chief Gen. Mike Hostage. Speaking at AFA’s Air & Space Conference last week, Hostage told reporters he has to limit the role played by space and cyber forces during exercises. If they were allowed to play for the whole drill, “somebody’s going to get hurt,” Hostage said. “They are so effective that they would negate the red air’s ability to do much of anything” in a Red Flag-type exercise, “and we wouldn’t get the air training that we’re spending a lot of money to get.” Unleashed, cyber warriors can “blind the adversary, … make them run together,” and reduce the number of enemies the physical forces have to fight. His push toward more simulated Red Flag-type wargames will “let the aviators learn the impact, the strength of what (space and cyber) can do,” he said.