USAF Plans to Make F-22 Available for ASA

On the Air Force agenda, says Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, is to have both the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command participating in F-22 total force missions. Donley issued a statement late Friday, responding to the advice offered by Lt. Gen. Harry Wyatt that the nation’s best fighter should serve in the Air National Guard’s air sovereignty alert mission to protect the US homeland. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) had asked the Air Guard director for his opinion on handling the looming ASA fighter shortfall. Wyatt said USAF should base F-22s (and eventually F-35s) at strategic ANG locations. In his statement, Donley acknowledged the Air Guard’s premier role in providing homeland aerial defense, saying, “Their role in the total fight is important and through several total force integration initiatives, both the Guard and Reserve will be integrated into the F-22 total force missions.” He pointed that the service plans to add to the current Guard and Reserve classic associate units operating the F-22 and that it “continues to work with US Northern Command to ensure the Air Sovereignty Alert mission requirements are met.”