USAFE Tests New Inspection Process

US Air Forces in Europe is the pilot major command for an updated version of the Air Force Inspection System, announced officials at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. The goal of the revised inspection system is to ensure there remain a high degree of job performance, military discipline, and effective leadership while adequately reporting performance data to higher headquarters, states Spangdahlem’s Dec. 3 release. USAFE is testing revisions to how airmen self inspect as well as how officials evaluate findings and adhere to corrective actions, according to the release. “The end goal is a state of constant compliance,” said CMSgt. Kirk Baldwin, 52nd Fighter Wing Self-Assessment Program manager at Spangdahlem. He added, “Be mission-ready, not inspection-ready. Historically, the Air Force spends an incredible amount of time preparing for inspections.” Among the changes, USAFE is evaluating reorganized individual inspection components that are “reduced, integrated, and synchronized,” states the release. (Spangdahlem report by SSgt. Daryl Knee)