USAF Announces Enlisted Rollback

The Air Force announced plans to accelerate the date of separation for certain airmen depending on their years of service, ability to re-enlist, assignment availability, and grade status. This is part of the service’s overall efforts to manage the size and quality of the force. Senior master sergeants and below with fewer than 14 years or more than 20 years of service as of May 31 may be affected by the rollback. Airmen separated or retired under the rollback may be eligible for transition assistance benefits as long as they have at least 180 days of active duty service. Airmen separated with more than six years, but less than 20 years of active service are eligible for half of the total separation pay providing they sign up to serve a minimum of three years in the Individual Ready Reserve. Those who decline IRR service will not be eligible for separation pay. (Randolph report by Daniel P. Elkins)