USAF Regenerates, Delivers F-16s to Indonesia

US and Indonesian Air Force pilots last week began the fifth of six deliveries of F-16s, regenerated from the boneyard as part of a foreign military sale to Indonesia. Four F-16s, three C models and one D model, left Hill AFB, Utah, on March 14 on a transoceanic flight. The aircraft are part of an overall sale of 24 Block 25 F-16s, according to a Hill news release. The F-16s, which were? originally flown by USAF Active Duty and Air National Guard units, reached about 5,000 flight hours before they were decommissioned and kept in open air storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz. As part of the sale to Indonesia, the Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill in 2013 began restoring the F-16s. Ogden’s 573rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron has worked about 17,000 labor hours to restore the aircraft and upgrade the avionics, wings, stabilizers, and landing gear, the release states. The current delivery marks 18 F-16s delivered to Indonesia, with the final six expected to be delivered later this year.

Note: This entry was updated on March 22, 2017, with the correct name of the Ogden Air Logistics Complex.