USAF Looking for Feedback to Redesign Maternity Uniforms

Stacey Butler, right, a clothing designer with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center's Air Force Uniform Office, measures Capt. Taylor Harrison's maternity Airman Battle Uniform. Air Force photo by Brian Brackens.

The Air Force wants input from female airmen on how to improve its maternity uniforms and will survey all women in the service on new designs via email next month, according to an Air Force release.

“Our goal is to make uniforms more comfortable and provide a uniform that will sustain airmen through their entire pregnancy,” Tracy Roan, head of the Air Force Uniform Office, said.

The survey of Active Duty, Reserve, and Guard personnel will run until Sept. 23.

The Air Force is in the process of finding uniforms that are a better fit for all types of airmen, an effort Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein outlined during a speech at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium in March.