US, Canadian Forces Exercise Insider Threat Response

The Canadian Armed Forces is looking to mimic the US Air Force’s “Check Six” program to counter insider threats, according to a March 30 release. So far, members of USAF’s 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, based in the Persian Gulf region, have trained Canadian forces on active shooter scenarios, support for joint task force components, retaining personal weapons, and disarming hostile persons, said MSgt. Antonio Martinez, the “Check Six” program lead. The Canadians also have begun the first phase of active shooter training with their own forces, he added. Although the training has been adapted for Canadian needs and the newly formed “auxiliary security forces” in theater, it also ensures that situational awareness and response will be similar in a coalition environment. Martinez noted active shooters and aggressors have conducted several high-profile attacks on USAF and coalition personnel?, such as the 2011 Kabul International Airport attack on USAF air advisors, underscoring the need to promote resilience and awareness of the problem among coalition partners. (See also Green on Blue Scourge from the November 2012 issue of Air Force Magazine.)