US Approved Cameras in Hostage Rescue

US forces approved the use of helmet cameras by Peshmerga fighters in the Oct. 22 raid on an ISIS prison in Hawijah, Iraq, that freed about 70 hostages and resulted in the death of one US soldier. Peshmerga officials on Oct. 24 released a nearly five minute video of the raid, showing heavily equipped fighters freeing the Iraqi Security Forces hostages, who were reportedly facing imminent execution. The US was aware of the helmet cameras, and approved the mission knowing the videos would be publicly released, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said on Monday. The video shows the hostages being freed, and begins after an initial shootout that resulted in the death of Army green beret MSgt. Joshua Wheeler. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last week the US approved the rescue after a request from the Kurdistan Regional Government, noting the US will take part in more missions such as these as Operation Inherent Resolve continues.