Triple Play

Officials at Arnold AFB, Tenn., are conducting ground testing with an F-100 engine from an F-15 fighter, running it on a new tri-fuel blend that the Air Force is considering introducing to the fleet. The mixture comprises 50 percent regular JP-8 jet fuel, 25 percent bio-fuel derived from animal fat, and 25 percent synthetic paraffinic kerosene produced under the Fischer-Tropsch refining process. “We’re just demonstrating that the engine can successfully perform on the [blend] that we’re testing,” said 2nd Lt. Drew Miller, AEDC’s project manager for this evaluation. Already the C-17 has flown with this mixture. The F-15 is tentatively scheduled to start flying with it in tests in October at Eglin AFB, Fla. (Arnold report Philip Lorenz) (See also Alternative Fuels Initiatives Advance from the Daily Report archives.)