TRANSCOM Adjusts to Changing Demands

US Transportation Command boss Gen. William Fraser said he expects the command’s workload to ease as readiness needs and demand signals decline from the regional combatant commands. Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee on March 6, Fraser said he is working closely with all four military services and TRANSCOM’s commercial partners “to mitigate second- and third-order effects of these reductions on our sealift, on our airlift, and surface capabilities.” However, he said, as US combat forces continue to drawdown in Afghanistan, there will inevitably be less business for the command’s commercial transport partners. “And so, we’re working with our partners through executive working groups in both the ground, the air, and the sea lanes . . . to make sure that we have that right balance and they adjust their business plans for the future,” said Fraser. He added, “It’s a collaborative effort working with industry really across all the various modes of transportation right now.” (Fraser’s prepared testimony)