Top Jock

Capt. Ian Holt of the 319th Missile Squadron at FE Warren AFB, Wyo., is the Air Force Male Athlete of the Year for 2009. Holt, who serves as a command post missile combat crew commander, is a competitive cyclist who has raced for the US armed forces cycling team and aspires to represent the US at the Olympics. “As long as I can keep improving and keep the internal fire to compete, I will try to reach the highest level,” he said. Holt spent a year living and training in Europe. He said racing with the US armed forces team is “always extra special” because it’s not about money or contracts, but rather “the pride of representing the United States.” At the end of December, we reported that MSgt. Karrie Warren from Tyndall AFB, Fla., was named USAF’s top female athlete. (FE Warren report by SSgt. Mike Tryon)