Thunderbirds Milestone

The USAF Thunderbirds marked their 2,000th official F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration during an air show at Columbus AFB, Miss., earlier this month. “The F-16 is a remarkable and dependable aircraft. It starts with its design characteristics, but the platform has always had excellent parts supportability, contractor partnership, and engineering oversight from our system program office,” said Capt. Lucas Buckley, Thunderbirds maintenance officer. “But the main reason we’re still flying the F-16 here is the work done by the exceptional airmen in this squadron, who put in sweat equity each and every day to keep their machines safe, reliable, and effective.” The Thunderbirds have flown the F-16 since August 1982, more than half of the team’s history. The air show was held April 5-6, according to a base release. (Thunderbirds release.)