The STIC Stands Up

Officials with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland AFB, N.M., have opened the Sustainment and Integration Center to monitor activities within the service’s nuclear enterprise and track the location and status of USAF’s nuclear weapons and related materials. “The STIC enhances positive inventory control through the steady application of standard supply discipline practices,” said Col. Kellie Davila-Martinez, AFNWC director of logistics. She added, “We now have a focused, central location to provide continuity and reach-back capabilities for multiple nuclear-related disciplines, such as supply, maintenance, operations, and emergency response.” Brig. Gen. Everett Thomas, AFNWC commander, said the center’s standup restores an important function that the Air Force had during the Cold War, but later allowed to lapse. AFNWC officials held the center’s ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 10. The center is located in Kirtland’s building 20202. (Kirtland report by Maj. P.J. Pelkington)