The UAS Defense

The technology exists to protect Air Force Global Strike Command’s infrastructure from unmanned aircraft systems, but legislation and coordination with numerous agencies will be needed to deploy those capabilities, Gen. Robin Rand said Monday during ASC16. “Do we need to have a capability against [unmanned aircraft]? In my humble opinion, the answer is absolutely yes,” Rand said. “I will tell you, there have been recent examples of extended UASes over some of the areas that we don’t particularly like them being over. I’m not comfortable with that.” Rand said he and US Strategic Command chief Adm. Cecil Haney have discussed the need for a counter-UAS capability with their chains of command, but that actually fielding the capability will require extensive discussions between military commands, law enforcement agencies, and other federal agencies, including the Department of Energy. “These discussions are happening … but, you know, it’s not easy,” Rand said. “You have to be very judicious and prudent about how you apply changes.” He did not provide specifics of what technology will be used to protect against unmanned aircraft, but said it was important to ensure no unintended harm is done.