The Eyes of March

More information about the highly classified Long-Range Strike Bomber—specifically, the composition of the Northrop Grumman development and production team—should be released next month, Air Force deputy chief of staff for plans and requirements Lt. Gen. Mike Holmes said Thursday. Taking questions after an AFA Mitchell Institute event in Arlington, Va., Holmes said, “I think we’ll make some announcements soon, most likely in the first week of March.” He was responding to comments from retired Gen. Mike Loh, former head of Air Combat Command, who said the Air Force needs to build support for the LRS-B with Congress as soon as possible, and that the best way to start is to say “who’s on the team … because I don’t even know who’s building the engine.” Holmes described the comment as “good advice.” Loh joked that USAF had promised more information when the protest of the contract by Boeing was resolved, “and that was yesterday.”