That’s No Ordinary Band-Aid

Researchers at the 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, are developing sensors to analyze a person’s “physical and cognitive performance” by measuring electrolytes from the person’s sweat, announced Air Force officials. The Band-Aid-like sensors will be used as “fuel gauges” to determine stress, dehydration, and other health-related issues, according to an April 15 release. “Our vision is that every airman at the beginning of their week, will be able to put on an electronic Band-Aid that will quantify everything about them,” said Dr. Josh Hagen, lead researcher. Joined with researchers at the University of Cincinnati, the team “would track [patients’] hydration levels by measuring electrolytes coming out of their sweat, and would alert them if they were trending in a direction of dehydration or heat stress,” states the release.