Technology Refresh for C-130J

Lockheed Martin unveiled three new technologies yesterday at the Farnborough air show outside of London that it is incorporating into the baseline configuration of its C-130J transport aircraft in use with the Air Force and several coalition partner air forces. The first is a global digital map unit built by Israel’s Elbit Systems that will enhance tactical operations, the company said in a release. The second is a portable mission display built by Canada’s CMC that vastly improves mission planning and in-flight re-planning. The third upgrade is CMC’s commercial global positioning system landing system sensor unit that will fulfill the aircraft’s requirement to have an instrument flight rules, civil-certified global navigational satellite system, the company said. The Air Force already operates the J-model in combat, has increased its C-130J program of record from 82 airframes to 134, and intends to enter into a new multiyear procurement arrangement with Lockheed to acquire more airframes starting in Fiscal 2010. USAF is also buying modified variants of the C-130J to serve as tankers for combat search and rescue units and special operations forces.