Taking the Fight to the Next Level

Airmen from the 352nd Special Operations Group at RAF Mildenhall, England, recently completed a type of self-defense training called krav maga. This style of close-quarters combat techniques is based on targeting attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points, neutralizing opponents as quickly as possible, and maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings while dealing with the threat, according to Mildenhall officials. The classes covered a variety of scenarios designed to prepare the airmen for possible real-life situations. “The 352nd SOG’s deployments … introduce the possibility of coming across a terrorist or enemy combatant,” said MSgt. Craig Kuiper, one of the certified instructors. He added. “Krav maga gives them the knowledge and mindset that if faced with a life-threatening situation, they could overcome it and return to see their family another day.” (Mildenhall report by TSgt. Marelise Wood)