Study Urges Evolution of US-Japan Partnership

The US-Japan alliance is one of the bulwarks of peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, but it will face steep challenges in the next decade that could have large ramifications for the future of this historic partnership, asserts a new study from the Center for a New American Security. In order for the alliance to maintain its power and relevance, The China Challenge: Military, Economic, and Energy Choices Facing the US-Japan Alliance recommends that the two countries launch a new strategic dialogue to reassess the ends, ways, and means of the alliance, beginning with its basic objectives. It also calls for the United States and Japan to seek the long-term integration of China into the regional and global security architecture and to elevate the importance of energy security within the alliance by creating a trilateral dialogue with China on this. Another recommendation from the study, issued on April 27, urges gradual integration of all US military bases in Japan with those of the Japanese Self Defense Forces.