Strike Eagle Unit Gets New Cuing System

F-15Es of the 336th Fighter Squadron at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., have been equipped with the joint helmet-mounted cueing system over the past several months. The unit likely will be the first Strike Eagle squadron to take this capability into combat when it deploys next to Afghanistan. JHMCS allows the F-15E aircrew to aim their sensors and weapons simply by turning their heads and looking at the targets. Originally designed for air-to-air engagements, JHMCS now has robust air-to-ground applications as well. That point is important in close-air-support engagements. “The crew will be able to quickly cue sensors and identify friendly locations,” said Capt. Matt Swanson, 336th FS Weapons Flight commander. He added, “The enhanced aircrew coordination and seamless system integration will increase accuracy while shortening the employment chain.” (Seymour Johnson report by TSgt. Tammie Moore)