STRATCOM Boss Stresses Need for Resiliency, Flexibility

Faced with a global security environment that is “complex, dynamic, and volatile,” the commander of US Strategic Command stressed the need for resiliency and flexibility in “delivering effective deterrence and assurance.” In response to the threats from nuclear-armed and belligerent Russia, China, and North Korea, Iran’s missile and cyber capabilities, and violent extremists, Adm. Cecil Haney said the first priority was to recapitalize the nuclear deterrent enterprise. “This is critical in a global security environment where it is clear that other nuclear-capable nations are placing a high priority” on their nuclear forces, Haney told a STRATCOM-sponsored forum Wednesday. He also urged investments in cyberspace and space “resiliency,” aggressive pursuit of the Third Offset capabilities, and “asymmetric advantages that capitalize on our strengths and exploit our adversaries’ weaknesses.” And, “we must master the speed of information and the strategic narrative,” Haney said. At the end of the day, he said, “our adversaries and potential adversaries must understand that they cannot escalate their way out of a failed conflict, that they will not reap the benefits they seek. … Any nation that thinks they can get away with a strategic attack on the United States or our allies, must think again.”