Staying Vigilant

US forces in Europe are tightening force protection measures in response to heightened security concerns about the “movement of terrorists through Europe” following the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, said Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt, deputy commanding general of US Army Europe. The main threat seen in Europe “is the movement of terrorist to and from Syria,” Piatt told reporters Oct. 16 in Washington, D.C. “We understand there is the possibility of lone wolf attacks, somebody could just take advantage of an opportunity to attack. It’s a real threat to the protection of our citizens and facilities,” he said. “So we practice our security, our force protection, at all our critical sites,” including Air Force facilities. A key protective factor is increased intelligence sharing among local law enforcement and US and allied military that could provide word if “a possible terrorist may be transiting through,” Piatt said. “That’s the one area that we’ve improved on and we continue to improve on, how we share intelligence.” In response to the potential threat, “If we see an increased threat in some area, we increase our force protection,” he added.