Stateside Fuel Conversion Completed

The Air Force, in partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency, completed the conversion of 130 stateside installations from JP-8 fuel to Jet A fuel, which is more common and commercially available, according to a release. Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, on Oct. 29 became the last stateside base to undergo the transition. “The fuel conversion at Wright-Patterson marks the end of a journey and the beginning of a new era of financial stewardship for the Air Force fuels community,” said Col. Linda Hurry, commander of the 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing at Scott AFB, Ill. Air Force officials began the changeover in 2009 and finished it some 18 months ahead of the estimated 2016 completion date, states the release. JP-8 fuel required segregated handling and transportation, and over the past decade, refineries were becoming hesitant to produce it, said Col. Carmen Goyette, Air Force Petroleum Agency commander. The Air Force undertook extensive research “to ensure commercial Jet A would not impact the Air Force mission,” he noted.