Spirit of San Antonio to Grace Randolph

The last T-43A remaining at Randolph AFB, Tex, fittingly named the Spirit of San Antonio, will make its final move on Nov. 6 when it goes on display outside the base, which has been its home for the past 17 years. The feat of towing the 29-ton aircraft from the flight line to a purpose-built display stand near the base operations building is a monumental project for 12th Flight Training Wing maintainers. “It will take no less than eight to 12 hours. Just getting the jet positioned perfectly could take quite a bit of time,” said John Rowland, T-43 production supervisor. Surrounded by a sidewalk and circular garden, the T-43 will rest just outside the base, where it will be accessible to the public. Randolph officials retired the T-43 from service in September as part of the shift of combat systems officer training to Pensacola, Fla. (Randolph report by Robert Goetz)