Spang, the Canadian Hub

Canada has reached an agreement with the US and Germany that will let it use Spangdahlem AB, Germany, served as a transit and marshalling center for Canadian Forces commitments, such as reaching Afghanistan. Canadian Forces Maj. Gen. Daniel Benjamin, said his country plans eventually to develop a “network of hubs worldwide to meet any contingency that causes our government to deploy troops for military or humanitarian purposes.” He added, “Spangdahlem was in the top ranks on a short list for the first hub, and we are grateful for the enthusiastic response that expedited the final choice.” Canadian Forces have used Spang since mid-2007 for occasional refueling stops. Now, a CF team will work with US airmen on a regular weekly rotation of three to five operational support flights at Spangdahlem, which Canadians already are terming the “Euro-Hub.” Canada wants Spang to be the first of seven locations around the world. (Canadian Operational Support Command report by Gord Lovelace)