Spangdahlem Gets First Hybrid

The 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, has received its first government-owned hybrid automobile. “We’re sending a message to everyone else that we’re conscious about environmental stewardship. Our car is an example of that,” said Col. Christopher Weggeman, 52nd FW commander. The car can run on electric power or gas or a combination of both. Integrating hybrid vehicles is just one of the Air Force’s many initiatives to become more energy efficient and less dependent on foreign sources of energy. “I think the car itself is symbolically an ambassador representing the American who embraces [the] cultural value of environmental stewardship,” explained Weggeman. He continued, “This demonstrates we’re culturally competent, and we’re in step with our German host nation. They are a nation that is further along in terms of embracing environmental stewardship.” The car arrived Jan. 21. (Spangdahlem report by SrA. Clay Murray)