Space Acquisition with EASE

Air Force leaders expect to save at least 10 percent off the often multi-billion-dollar price tag of new satellites with the implementation of the evolutionary acquisition for space efficiency, or EASE, strategy. They say it’s a completely new approach to space acquisition that will change the way the service conducts business. EASE made its debut in the Fiscal 2012 budget request released Monday. Instead of placing the space budget under stress by having it bear the full procurement cost of one new satellite—which can cost upwards of $2 billion and require the service to pull funding from other space priorities—the Fiscal 2012 budget spells out a new, incremental funding approach. It’s based on blocked buys, fixed-priced contracts intended to prevent requirements creep, and a new way of appropriating funding. Maj. Gen. Alfred Flowers, USAF deputy assistant secretary for budget, said Monday the new strategy will require full support from Congress because it utilizes advanced procurement, regular procurement, and advanced appropriations. Continue