Some Senior Blue Moves

The Department of Defense announced the nominations of four Air Force generals April 18 for promotion to senior joint and USAF positions. Lt. Gen. William M. Fraser III, assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, if confirmed by the Senate, is slated to receive a fourth star and assume command of US Transportation Command, replacing Air Force Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, who has held the position since September 2005. Lt. Gen. Donald J. Hoffman, USAF’s top uniformed acquisition official, would rise to the grade of general to head Air Force Materiel Command, succeeding Gen. Bruce Carlson, who has led the command since August 2005. Maj. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr., currently assistant deputy chief of staff for Strategic Plans and Programs on the Air Staff, would gain a third star and take over Air Force Reserve Command, replacing Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley, who has led the Reserve force since June 2004. Tapped to replace Fraser as assistant to the CJCS would be Maj. Gen. Paul J. Selva, director of strategic planning on the Air Staff, who would become a lieutenant general.