Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company

Lockheed Martin closed its acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft from United Technologies Corp. on Friday. The 15,000-person division will be aligned under the Mission Systems and Training segment and referred to as “Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company.” Dan Schultz, previously Vice President for Lockheed Martin’s Ship and Aviation Systems line within MST—and a former Marine Corps helo pilot—was named president of the new entity, having led the effort at integrating Sikorsky into the company. Sikorsky will retain its headquarters in Stratford, Conn. Lockheed Martin said in a press statement that the $9 billion acquisition advances its ability to “provide customers with mission-ready solutions that are affordable and efficient, while expanding its core business into the growing areas of helicopter production and sustainment. Sikorsky’s ability to leverage Lockheed Martin’s scale will ensure it remains a technological leader at the forefront of vertical lift.” Lockheed Martin inherits Sikorsky’s Air Force contract to build 112 HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopters. It also builds variants of the H-60 Blackhawk series for all the US armed forces, makes and supports the CH-53 series, the S-92 and civil helicopters, and supports customers in 40 countries. Sikorsky is also promoting the self-financed S-97 Raider “pusher”-type coaxial rotor attack helicopter for the Army’s future light attack/scout helicopter needs.