Shady Lady Hits US Shores

Britain-based Fact Not Fiction Films is bringing its feature-length World War II documentary drama “Shady Lady” to US shores for its American premier on Oct. 3 at a VIP screening in Boston. The film is the story of the B-24D Liberator Shady Lady that set off from Darwin, Australia, on Aug. 13, 1943, to attack Japanese-held oil refineries at Balikpapan, Borneo, in present-day Indonesia. At the time, it was the longest bombing mission in history, according to the filmmakers, who say the film depicts “American bravery and heroism of the highest order.” Shortly before running out of fuel on its return journey, Shady Lady crash landed on a remote salt pan in northern Western Australia after flying for 16 hours and 35 minutes, state the filmmakers. The aboriginal community helped the aircrew and the aircraft eventually flew again, they say. The film’s cast features mostly Boston-based actors. The Boston-based Collings Foundation, which flies heritage military aircraft like the B-24, supported the film. Later this year, the film is scheduled to run in Los Angeles and New York City, according to a representative with the film company. (Fact Not Fiction Films Shady Lady webpage)