Sexual Assaults Largely Unreported at Academies

In its latest Service Academy Gender Relations Survey, required by Congress every two years, the Defense Department reports that “90 percent of sexual assaults are going unreported.” Pentagon personnel chief, David S.C. Chu, in a Dec. 17 release, said, “We know sexual assault is an underreported crime, and we must foster a climate of confidence at the academies wherein victims no longer avoid reporting these crimes.” Air Force Lt. Col. Nathan Galbreath, deputy director of DOD’s sexual assault prevention and response program, believes, “There’s a gap between the number of incidences … being reported to us anonymously on survey and the actual number of cadets coming forward.” According to the latest data, nine percent of women and one percent of men suffered unwanted sexual contact last year, based on responses from 74 percent of cadets. The survey revealed 300 incidences, with only 34 reported. (AFPS report by Army SSgt. Michael Carden) (2007-08 survey report, large file)