Seeking Volunteers

The Air Force will begin implementing several voluntary force management programs for officers and enlisted personnel to reduce Active Duty end strength to the congressionally authorized level for Fiscal 2013 by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, announced service personnel officials on Monday. This fiscal year’s defense authorization act set the end strength at 329,460, a reduction of 3,340 airmen from Fiscal 2012, states the Feb. 4 service release. Among the initiatives for officers, the Air Force is offering eligible lieutenant colonels and colonels in certain year groups and overage career fields time-in-grade waivers and limited service commitment waivers as well as transfers to the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve, said Lt. Col. Letitia Marsh, the Air Force’s separation and retirement policy branch chief. For enlisted personnel who are not in critical specialties, there are similar opportunities, she said. Airmen must submit applications by Aug. 1; those approved to retire must do so by Sept. 1, states the release. Marsh said the Air Force will continue to assess the need for additional measures, both voluntary and involuntary, as the fiscal year progresses. (Randolph report by Debbie Gildea)