Scratching Around

The Air Force Research Lab’s munitions directorate intends to test an autopilot system originally designed for micro-sized unmanned aircraft in munitions. Military and Aerospace Electronics reported Tuesday that the lab essentially wants to ascertain how such autopilot technology could enhance the effectiveness of mini precision-guided munitions. According to a notice posted Monday at the Federal Business Opportunities Web site, the lab is poised to award a $500,000 contract to Procerus Technologies of Vineyard, Utah, for the company’s autopilot electronics. These tests will be part of the Office of the Secretary of Defense-sponsored joint capability technology demonstration called precision acquisition and weaponized system. PAWS is one of the JCTD new starts in Fiscal 2009. It is meant to integrate low-collateral- damage weapons with tactical unmanned aircraft “to effectively neutralize asymmetric threats … in environments where collateral damage and fratricide are unacceptable.” (Fiscal 2009 JCTD list)