Scouting Honduras

A 12th Air Force, Air Forces Southern survey team recently visited several Honduran air bases to identify opportunities for future training exchanges. “We decided to visit as many bases as possible in such a short amount of time so that we could get a full assessment of their operational capabilities,” MSgt. Roberto Vasquez, AFSOUTH planning superintendent said in a release. “The information we gained helps us evaluate Honduran air force capabilities and training needs as a whole, and will ultimately allow us to improve our road map for future engagements,” added Capt. Sarah Hartenstein, AFSOUTH theater engagements chief. “We are ready to establish a more hands on training relationship with the US Air Force,” Honduran air force Col. Javier Barrientos, commander of Hector Caraccioli Moncada Air Base echoed. The team specifically focused on intelligence, communications, and maintenance capabilities, visiting Moncada Air Base, Armand Escalon Espinal Air Base, Hernan Acosta Mejia Air Base, and Soto Cano Air Base, June 15 to 19.