Saving Battle Creek

The Michigan National Guard has listed development of a new command and control mission facility as its top military construction project for 2010—now it just needs the money. In a May 27 statement, Rep. Mark Schauer (D) said his is requesting nearly $14 million be identified in the House Appropriations 2010 defense budget legislation to pay for the work. He said, “The Air National Guard base is an institution in Battle Creek, and I’m committed to fighting for the personnel who serve there and bringing jobs to our community.” The Michigan ANG’s 110th Fighter Wing at Battle Creek’s W.K. Kellog Airport lost it’s A-10s under BRAC 2005 and was slated to receive the new C-27 Joint Cargo Aircraft in addition to hosting an air support operations group to provide command and control, intelligence, and communications support. Schauer doesn’t say so in his release, but the Air Force and Army are working out now just which units will still receive new C-27s, since the 2010 defense budget proposal trimmed the buy from 78 to just 38 aircraft.