Russian, Syrian Aircraft Began New Offensive in Aleppo

Russian and Syrian jets on Tuesday began a new offensive targeting Rebels in Aleppo, using carrier-borne aircraft and Syrian air force planes for the first strikes in about a month. Russian jets, which launched from the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier along with long-range missiles, hit rebel-held parts of the city. Between four and 10 people were killed in that round of strikes, which rebels feared signaled additional strikes, The Associated Press reported. A Russian Navy frigate launched Kalibr cruise missiles and Bastion land-based missiles struck additional targets in Idlib and Homs, according to the AP. Russian officials said the strikes were a “major operation” against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, though observers said several strikes hit areas without ISIS fighters. Syrian state television on Tuesday reported Syrian air force aircraft hit supply depots and other targets in Aleppo, Reuters reported.