Russian Forces Surging Into Ukraine

Despite a cease fire agreement, US, NATO, and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe officials said Russian military units have openly intervened in disputed areas of Ukraine in the past few days. On Nov. 9, the OSCE monitoring mission reported two convoys of unmarked green trucks moving through Donetsk, Ukraine, towards the ceasefire line, and on Nov. 11, the organization observed the movement of 43 unmarked military vehicles on the periphery of Donetsk, including five which were seen towing 120-mm howitzers, and others with multi-launch rocket artillery systems. US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, speaking to the UN Security Council on Nov. 12, said the situation in eastern Ukraine was “deteriorating” and laid the blame squarely on Russia for its “flagrant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty.” Power cited NATO reports from Supreme Allied Commander USAF Gen. Philip Breedlove at the meeting, claiming Russia has moved tanks, artillery, air defense systems, and combat troops into Ukraine over the past two days. Russia’s defense ministry blasted the accusations via its state-owned Sputnik News (formerly RIA-Novosti), calling the reports “baseless allegations.”