RPA Vector Report Coming

The Air Force is in the final stages of completing its remotely piloted aircraft vector report, a strategic planning document on the use of RPAs over the next 25 years. “The vector will aid the Air Force in coordinating the required development process and providing operational capabilities,” service spokeswoman Maj. Mary Danner-Jones told the Daily Report via email correspondence. She said the report’s release is expected this fall. The vector report is an update to the 2009 Unmanned Aircraft Systems flight plan. It will examine RPA attributes and capabilities from airframes, propulsion, sensors, autonomy, interoperability, and “a host of other topics” to help create a strategic, long-range vision of RPA concepts, she said. “By looking into the future, we’ll be able to better determine the capabilities needed to efficiently develop the right tools. We are also hopeful it will give academia and industry a place to focus their future thoughts,” said Danner-Jones on Aug. 27.